Fjälls Pub & Bistro

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Fjälls Pub & Bistro is a Norrländsk Bistro in both environment and taste. There is always something Norrländskt on the menu and well at the table surrounded by dry pine and Norrländskt goods.
The name comes from the previous owner of the land; Pastor Carl Natanael Fjällström, you will find him on one of our walls.




Pancakes with jam and whipped cream 80 kr
Cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato on the side, served with fries 80 kr
Grilled sausage with lettuce and tomato on the side, served with fries 80 kr
Ice cream with chocolate sauce 50 kr

Kid's 3-coursedinner: 160 kr
Chips and dip
Maincourse from kid’s menu
Ice cream with chocolate sauce



  • Capacity: 70 persons
  • TV
  • Beamer
  • Lounge for 30 persons

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Biff tartar 135:-

Biff tartar med pepparrotsmajonnäs, kapris, picklad rödlök, picklad gurka, chips, krasse, riven pepparot och hyvlad parmesan

Steak tartar with horseradish mayo, capers, pickled red onion, pickled
cucumber, crisps, cress, grated horseradish and parmesan

Jordärtskockssoppa  105:-

Jordärtskockssoppa med kantareller, krutonger och bladpersilja (går att få vegansk)

Jerusalem artichoke soup with chantarelles, croutons and parsley
(Can be made vegan)

Västerbottenost Paj

Västerbottenost Paj serveras med sikrom, rensalami, lingonchutney och älgpastrami

Västerbotten cheese pie served with whitefish roe, reindeer salami,
lingonberry chutney, moose pastrami and pickled mushrooms


Charcoal grill
Allt från grillen serveras med romansallad, ört smör, portvinssås, Bearnaisesås, välj mellan pommes strips och potatispuré
Everything from the grill is served with herb butter, romaine lettuce, port wine sauce and béarnaise sauce. Choose between French fries and pureed potatoes

Majskyckling | Corn-fed chicken 275:-
Entrecôte | Rib eye steak 365:-
Flankstek | Flank steak 285:-
Ryggbiff | Sirloin steak 340:-


Bolognese  175:-
Pasta Bolognese med riven parmesan
with grated parmesan
Smörtstekt portabello 165:-
Med färsk spenat och parmesan (går att få vegansk)
Pan fried portabello muschroom with butter, fresh spinach and
parmesan (Can be made vegan)

Från spisen | From the stove

Pannstekt Röding 310:-

med vitvin, grädde och gräslök serveras med potatispuré och färsk sparris
Pan fried Arctic char with white wine, cream and chive served with
potato purée and fresh asparagus

Renrostbiff  355:-

Timjan– och vitlöksstekt renrostbiff med vindälvsrökt sidfläsk, syltlök,
svamp som serveras med potatispuré
Pan fried reindeer roastbeef with thyme and garlic, served with smoked

Hamburgare | Burgers

Classic Burger 195:-
Högrevsburgare serveras med cheddarost, picklas rödlök, saltgurka, to-
mat, salad, dressing, pommes frites
made from chuck, served with cheddar cheese, pickled red onion,
gherkins, tomato, lettuce, dressing and French fries
Halloumi Burger 185:-
med chilidressing, avokado, tomat, sallad, rödlök och pommes frites
with chili dressing, avocado, tomato, lettuce and red onion and
French fries


Baileys crème brûlée 120:-

serveras med färska hallon
served with fresh raspberries

Äppelpaj 110:-

med vaniljsås och vaniljglass
Apple pie with vanilla sauce and vanilla ice cream